Intercooler Sprayer
Intercooler Sprayer
Intercooler Sprayer
Intercooler Sprayer

Intercooler Sprayer

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The HeX Sprayer consists of a water rail that when fed with a pressurised water feed, sprays a mist of water that cools the surface of an intercooler or any heat exchanger.

Wide Spray Pattern

The rail contains four misting nozzles, each with a spray angle of 90-100°, placed in a -20°, 0°, 0°, 20° arrangement. Allowing for coverage on both smaller OEM and wider aftermarket intercoolers.

Compact in Size

With 3 different varients, ranging from single to quad nozzle bodies, our HeX Sprayer can be fitted in compact areas with tight space constraints.


You can daisy chain multiple HeX Sprayer rails together by purchasing an intermediate rail. Allowing you to run multiple rails to cool different heat exchangers in your car, like an intercooler and oil cooler.

High Atomisation

Our high pressure pump and 0.8mm nozzles allow for an extremely fine mist. A highly atomised fine mist will ensure the most rapid rate of evaporation, leading to faster drops in temperature.

Minimise Drips

Each nozzle is equipped with an anti drip spring valve that opens and closes the nozzle at a set pressure. This improves pressure build up, and minimises water droplet formation on deactivation.

High Efficiency 

By utilising a balance of high pressure and carefully chosen nozzles, our system uses between 400-500 ml of liquid per minute (single rail system).

What's Included?

  • HeX Sprayer Rail
  • 12VDC Diaphragm Water Pump (Supply up to 2-3 Rails)
  • Electrical Harness with Relay and Rocker Switch
  • High pressure tubing - 10 Meters
  • Bulkhead Fitting for External Tank
  • Inline filter (Tank - Pump)


Basic mechanical tools are required for installation. Specialised tooling may be necessary to remove panels and bumpers, consult your mechanic or service manual.

The installation involves electrical work. Ensure that all necessary precautions are taken when making electrical connections. Electrical contact with water can cause fire and short circuiting, even with the presence of fuses and circuit breakers.

A tank must be purchased separately.

Professional installation is highly recommended.

Installation Guide can be downloaded here


All heat exchanger and intercooler equipped cars, trucks and motorbikes. Installation kit compatible with 12-14v electrical systems.

Bulkhead fitting for water supply can be used on both plastic and metal tanks. An appropriate gasket or washer will be required to make a seal based on your chosen tank.