What Do All The Numbers On The Tyre Mean?

What is all that jargon on the side of my tyre???

There are a lot of numbers on the side of your tyre and at first it can be daunting as to what they all mean but don’t worry because we will decode it for you :)

Let's start with the number on the left, the ‘225’, this is the width of the tyre in millimetres, this measurement is taken from the maximum width of the midpoint of the tyre's sidewall to the same point on the opposite sidewall. It is common for a lot of car enthusiasts to increase this number due to the theory of a wider tyre creates a larger contact surface with the ground, increasing the handling ability. 

The ‘45’ is the aspect ratio. This is the height of the sidewall with respect to the width, so the profile of this tyre it 45% of 225 millimetres. 

The ‘R’ indicates the style of construction of the tyre, and ‘R’ is the most common.

The ‘19’ refers to your rim size in inches which is the diameter of the rim itself.

The ‘92’ is the load index. This represents the maximum weight the tyre can hold while travelling at its maximum speed rating.

The ‘W’ is the speed rating. This indicates the maximum speed the tyre can travel under the maximum loading capacity.

Overall, these numbers at first can seem daunting but after being familiar with these numbers they become like bread and butter. If you are changing up your tyres as you most often will do when you change your wheels, make sure you get tyres with the right specifications.

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