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The 3 Best Street Tyres

Your tyres getting bald? Trynna look for the tyres with the best handling while sending it down the mountains? Look no further, here are the top 3 street tyres: 1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 The number one choice would be none other than the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 or PS4 for short. This tyre takes top pick due to its ability on the wet and in the dry. Some of its features include dynamic response technology which ensures optimum transmission of steering instructions to the road via their hybrid belt of Nylon and Aramid. The tread pattern continuously adapts to the road for optimising its footprint. Finally, the PS4 stops 3.7m shorter than other brands in the market. However, all these...

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What Do All The Numbers On The Tyre Mean?

What is all that jargon on the side of my tyre??? There are a lot of numbers on the side of your tyre and at first it can be daunting as to what they all mean but don’t worry because we will decode it for you :) Let's start with the number on the left, the ‘225’, this is the width of the tyre in millimetres, this measurement is taken from the maximum width of the midpoint of the tyre's sidewall to the same point on the opposite sidewall. It is common for a lot of car enthusiasts to increase this number due to the theory of a wider tyre creates a larger contact surface with the ground, increasing the...

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