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What To Do Before Buying A Car In Australia

There are countless cars listed on ‘Carsales’ and ‘Facebook Marketplace’ every single day. Some of them are your common Toyota Corolla, and some are even highly modified, drift spec S15’s.  This is a guide on how NOT to buy a lemon. 1. Ask the owner about the car Finding out about the current owner is significant before investing in your next financial mistake. There are highly intelligent people out there with remarkable IQ’s, that do not service their cars on time, and even run 91 RON fuel on cars that require a minimum of 95 RON…  It is IMPORTANT to ask the owner lots of questions to ensure that he/she has looked after the car and maintained it correctly. The...

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Top 3 Ways To Lower Your Car

You hate the sight of your car looking like a monster truck? All your mates constantly givin you sh*t for not being fully slammed? It’s alright, after this read you will know exactly what to go out and get for your ride, all the way from cheap slammed to pull up n air out flex! 1. Lowering Springs This would probably be the cheapest option to lowering your car. A set of lowering springs will set you back at most $300-$400 for a reputable brand such as Eibach or King Springs. Usually, they will lower the car between 1-2 inches depending on which type of springs you get. If you do get king springs there will most likely be a...

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