For many of us the mixing of hip hop and car culture by JackBoys was nothing short of a wet dream.

JackBoys is a collective of rappers (Travis Scott, Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Luxury Tax, Chase B) signed to Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Records. JackBoys released their album JACKBOYS on the 27th of December 2019. Upon debt, JACKBOYS opened on top of the US Billboard 200, becoming the first number 1 album of the 2020s.

The album cover itself is enough to give JDM fanboys something to get hard over. The cover features a yellow FD Mazda RX-7, a silver A80 Toyota Supra, and an E30 BMW M3. Both the RX-7 and the Supra are icons of the ‘90s car scenes and many JDM fanboy’s dream cars. The E30 is a pop culture icon and a staple of ‘80s German performance and one of the most iconic cars built by BMW.

Due to the release of our JACKBOYS RX-7 inspired air freshener we will be focusing solely on the RX-7. However, watch this space in the future as we have other JACKBOYS inspired products planned.

The RX-7 is a front/mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, rotary engine-powered sports car that was manufactured by Mazda from 1978 to 2002 across 3 generations (SA, FC and FD). The third generation of the RX-7, known as the FD (1992-2002), is a 2-seater (2+2 seating option available in some markets) coupe featuring a sequentially turbocharged 13B REW engine. The 13B REW was the first-ever mass-produced sequential twin-turbocharger system to be exported from Japan.

After doing a bit of research we were able to find that the JACKBOYS RX-7 is a 1993 Mazda RX-7 Touring Edition owned by Jonathan Oregon of Enticed Motorsport.

 Jonathan has kept the RX-7’s original 13B 1.3L Rotary engine and has thrown on a bridge port and a turbo upgrade for 450HP just on pump gas.

In terms of the exterior, the RX-7 was originally factory red but the entire body, engine bay, etc. was resprayed Competition Mica yellow. The RX-7 also features a 1999-spec front bumper and side skirts and is running on SSR SP1s on all four corners.

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