First 5 Beginner Car Mods

Congratulations! You just bought yourself a new car! Are you already starting to get over how ‘stock’ it looks? Here are 5 essential first mods needed for any car!

1. LED / HID Lights

Most older cars from factory come with halogen lighting except the headlights and these lights really suck tbh. They are yellow and dull. However, there is an easy solution to this. Purchase yourself an LED/HID kit for your car! The ones that make the most difference while not trying to go ‘4broke’ are the LED’s for the interior and the number plate if they are not already LED. The purchasing options are vast, all the way from cheap, eBay quality to high-end, optimum lighting stores such as millennium lighting (@millenniumlighting). Below is an example of the difference from stock to LED’s. Upgrading your lighting to LED/HID may be a small modification, but it sure does make an extremely noticeable difference!

2. Coilovers / Lowering Springs

Once you have sorted out your lighting, next you need to sort that wheel gap out! There are many options on how to lower your car, all varying in price ofc. The cheapest end and not recommended at all is to cut your springs, why? Because by decreasing the length of your spring and not having a higher spring rate means the suspension will not be able to perform at its required levels. The next cheapest option is lowering springs, these are great, but they lack adjustability, so you are stuck with the height the springs drop the car by. Probably the most common option to lower your car are coilovers, these are recommended for sure. You are able to adjust the height and various other suspension parameters based on the coilover you purchase: dampening, rebound, preload, camber, etc. However, coilovers are not the cheapest option but they provide not only height changes but a dramatic improvement in handling as well. Check out @bcracingaus for some good quality coilovers!

3. Wheels

Now that you have a lower car, it is time to get some wheels to really change the look of your car! Finding the right wheels and getting the right fitment is not easy and is a challenge every car guy faces. However there are some ways to still get the perfect wheels. First, you can ask around on FB groups or forums of your car from other owners what wheel specs they run for fitment. Another option is to go to and enter your car's details and get an idea for specs and wheels from what others have done! One final option in order to guarantee perfect fitment is to go under your car and do the measurements. Watch this video to see what you need to measure and how to measure Now you will be able to find the perfect set of wheels for your car! If you are in Australia and after some fully sick wheels, check out as they have a wide range of work wheels 😍.

4. Lip Kit

Next, you need some body parts for your car. The easiest way without going ‘4broke’ again is to purchase a lip kit or just certain parts of a lip kit. There are lip kits for many cars out there and they all make the world of a difference. If you had to choose one body part for a car, most times a front lip would make the biggest difference. You might be wondering where to find these? A simple google search will attain results, so will going to (@elitegarageofficial). Or can ask around from people with the same car as you where they got their aero from.

5. Sound System

If your car does not come with a good sound system from factory (Subaru owners will relate lol), you NEED to upgrade your sound system. Sometimes a simple change of headunit will suffice while provide an uplifting look to your interior, but if you really want to get the best sounds pumping while you are going through the mountains then installing a subwoofer, amp and upgrading your existing speakers will get that for you.

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