2JZ Engine

Why is the 2JZ Engine so popular?

Is that a SUPRAA?!?!? If you’re into cars, then you’ve most likely heard that phrase every time there’s a Toyota Supra around. Or maybe you recall the Fast and Furious line “2JZ No shit?”. But have you ever wondered why the Supra and its engine is so popular and sought after, and how on EARTH are tuners getting 700hp on stock engine internals?!


The 2JZ-GTE Engine is a twin turbo, 3L, Inline 6, powerplant like no other. Most manufacturers are using aluminium engines in their vehicles, but this was not as popular in the 90’s. The 2JZ consists of an iron block, and a closed deck design which means that the cylinders itself are quite strong. This basically means that the 2JZ engine can handle INSANE boost pressures without any issues. There is also a 3-layer steel head gasket that can handle almost anything you throw at it. Its crazy right? Who would possibly think that making an engine out of stronger materials, could result in a more reliable engine that can handle crazy amounts of power? If only car manufacturers applied that in today’s standards...

It’s safe to say that Toyota went complete OVERKILL with their 2JZ-GTE engine, but why did they do that? Well, in the 90’s Japan was at the peak in their manufacturing industry. The country had an abundance of mulla (money- for you uncultured people out there) and plenty of resources. This allowed them to build solid engines and cram them into passenger cars like the Toyota Aristo, Lexus GS300 etc.

In stock form, the Toyota Supra with the 2JZ-GTE engine makes 209kw and 435Nm of torque. These are mere numbers that don’t truly highlight the capability of the Supra’s engine. On stock internals, the 2JZ-GTE can handle close to 600kw. Just to repeat that… 600KW WITHOUT CHANGING ANY INTERNALS!! Its no surprise that nowadays Toyota Supra’s are so desired, and their market value has shot up through the roof.

To find out more about the 2JZ engine, check this video out!


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